Eastlines – safety and professionalism in international parcel delivery

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Sending parcels from Romania to or from Great Britain or Northern Ireland can present serious difficulties to those who need such a service. Entrusting your goods to third party individuals that do not provide proper authorization endangers the shipment and may lead to confiscation of parcels.

Authorized services

You are not the only Romanian / client to face difficulties when you had to deliver urgent documents or send a gift to those you love but do not live in the same country with you. Give yourself and others around you a helping hand by using the parcel shipping services of Eastlines. The company is operating in the United Kingdom for over eight years and its activities include dispatch and call-centre services, dedicated warehouses and logistics, pick-up and delivery couriers. In order to facilitate operations even further, the company deploys parcel scanning systems and handling equipment, utilizes software for order placement, administration and for online payment, with at least 12 high capacity trucks for international shipping. In 2014, due to the excellent conditions we offer and the massive distribution networks of our strong partners, Eastlines delivered over 75000 parcels, ranging from envelopes to furniture.


The steps of a successful delivery

The correct handling of your parcel is closely monitored every step of the way. When you place an order with Eastlines, a unique tracking number is issued and you receive the VAT invoice. Furthermore, once your parcel is carefully weighted, a document that accompanies your goods is being issued (AWB), but also a bar code that you can use to monitor their location and the estimated time of arrival.

A bright future

Not only is Eastlines one of the best parcel shipping service on the market, but we also constantly strive to remain one of the best by reducing charges and delivery time, by increasing parcel safety and adding new online features to make orders and customer support more user-friendly.

Wherever you are in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, Eastlines will be there for you to grow together with your expectations.